Securely receive responses from interested pet sitters and review their detailed profiles. Once you have decided on the pet sitter who offers the pet services you require, then you can set up your first meeting.  You will pick a meeting place, usually the pet sitter’s home, so bring your dog so you can see where he/she will be staying while you vacation. Notice how the pet sitter interacts with your dog, and how your pup reacts to the pet sitter.  You may meet the host’s resident pets while you are there, and see how your dog responds to them.  Sometimes it is easier for the pet sitter to meet you and get to know your dog without her own pets adding to the excitement.  Be sure to provide the pet sitter with the following information: Your name, home phone number, cell phone number, emergency phone number (such as a friend or relative), and name and phone number of your veterinarian.  When you bring your dog for the stay, you will want to bring a collar and leash, and your dog’s food (it’s best to keep them eating the food they are already used to).  Instruct the pet sitter on how much to feed and when.  If your dog is on a special diet or requires medication, be sure to let the pet sitter know all the details.  Bringing a bed or special toys is optional, but whatever will make your dog feel secure and happy is a good idea.  Some sitters will require a record of shots.  With all of this done, you will finalize your dog’s stay with the pet sitter by making the reservation on the website.  Once the pet sitter accepts, you will get a confirmation email.  Then just start packing!  Don't forget to pack for your pup too!

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