When considering a host family for your pup, you may want to make a list of your dog's traits.  Many host families have their own pets.  That way you can find a host with an environment that suits your dog.

Common questions to think about.


  1. Is your dog a young high - energy dog? You might want a host who has younger dogs for your dog to play with.

  2. If your dog is older, you may want to look for a host with older dogs.

  3. Does your dog get along well with children?

  4. Does your dog have special needs? Perhaps stairs might be a problem.

  5. Does your dog do well in a fence?  Are they prone to digging under or jumping over a fence?

  6. Does your dog do well if there is a cat?

  7. If your dog needs medication, is the host able to administer it?

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