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Love dogs?  Pups Home Care helps connect you with clients in your area who need pet care.  Earn extra income in your home.  You decide how much you will charge.  Pups Home Care provides Host Training, 24-hour customer service, and a way for Pet Sitters to connect with those who need their pet sitting services.

Pet Sitting Services for dogs (or other pets) consist of Hosting at your home, either during the day or overnight, staying overnight at the Client's home to care for their pets, or going to the client’s home for daily pet sitting activities, such as Feeding and letting the Dogs Out, and Dog Walking.  If you are qualified, you may also provide Dog Training.  Rates for each pet service you provide can be set by you.  If necessary, you can provide a Custom Quote, such as for a ½ day stay, or extra pet service.  As a Pups Home Care pet sitter, you have complete control over the services you provide and the rates you charge.

The website allows families who need their pups watched, to easily find you and know you are a qualified pet sitter.   At the end of each reservation you will receive 85% of the total booking.  Your earnings will be automatically deposited into your PayPal account.  Pups Home Care maintains the website and does advertising for you.  Repeat business must go through the Pups Home Care website

To get started, set up your Profile.  Make it as complete as possible, including pictures of your home, indoor & outdoors, or the dog park nearby, and pictures of your resident pets.  Be sure to include a price for each pet service you will provide as a pet sitter.  We will contact you, and help get you going in your new pet sitting business, where you make money doing something you enjoy.

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